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વિજયનગર મહાનગરે શ્રી નાકોડા ભૈરવ મહાપૂજન 111 સજોડાએ
નન્દુરબાર મહાનગરે શ્રી શ્રીયંત્ર મહાપૂજન 216 સજોડાએ
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28th March, 2010

Tirthodharak pujya acharya shree vijay niti suri swarji maharaj sahib, pupil sayam ratna tapomurti pujya acharya shree mangalprabh suri swarji maharaj sahib established this school (gyanshala) for the first time in vikram samvant 2003, in shivganj rajasthan shree vardhaman tatva pracharak school by giving inspiration to the people in the small villages of rajasthan.After maharaj’s death(kaaldharam), this institution was wind up for 5 to 6 year.

In vikram samvant 2047, jyestha sukla 13, Monday 24-06-1991 by the efforts of jyotisha shilpi prathistacharya shree raiwat vijayji maharaj sahib. this school was restarted as the name shreee vardhaman tatva pracharak school in takhatgad with the total of 27 students studying. Later, in Vikram samvat 2052 vaishakha shukla 7, Thrusday Date-25-04-1996. This school was migrated to shree Nakodaji Thirth(mewanagar), and was again named as shree nakoda praswanath jain Gyanshala where Today, the total of 130 the students are learning to become self dependent.

This school was enougrated by adhyatma yogeendra Acharya shree Kalapuransuri maharaj saheb , Untiring effort by the Yuva Urja purush Vidvad= Ratna Principal shree Narendra Bhai Kordia(bade guruji) and nakodaji tirth trust mandal, this saraswati temple (school) was brought up and has received the infinite wishes and true knowledge in heart of everyone with the Golden outer surface formation in the only short period 19 years.

In present principal shree narendra bhai kordia (bade guruji) and in their integration, there are 11 teachers giving services with complete teaching experience .
Where gujrat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, uttar Pradesh etc states of the country,130 students studying the jainism  in present.
In just 19 years of history there are about 40 students have taken diksha (sayam )
Principal shree narendra bhai kordia(bade guruji ) had thought about approximately 989  jain saints in this place passed few years.
Who had thought about 375 student which are ready with complete experience of teaching and for some extra bhakti for god, there are about 275 vidhikark  and in present there are about 100 students who has sidhchakra mahapujan  nd also along with that 18 abhishek learnt by heart (without book).

  Facilites provided
Dubai, Nairobi (Kenya), Gujarat, Maharashtra, jammu, Punjab, Orissa, uttar Pradesh, assam, Haryana, rajasthan etc states of the country student are migrated during the 8 days of maha parvadhiraj parv paryushan .
In Delhi, Ahmedabad, jaisalmer, palitana, puna, surat etc city  and Gujrat, Maharashtra, states of the country, students of the school are migrated for  maha mangalkari vidhan 18 abhishek.
The students who had learnt vidhi vidhan from this school (gyanshala) had had shown their excellent performance during anjanshalaka mahoshtav in pavapuri, sadalpur, ratamahavirji, jaipur, nakodaji etc .

  Studying Course
Prathista mahoshtav, mahapujan, vidhi vidhan, and for teaching saint  practical knowledge is provided.
During  8 days of parvadhiraj parushan shibir, stage program, diksha (sayam)program, bhav yatra, shrutmaha puja etc practical knowledge is given .
With all this meditation, simpleness ,respect, self sufficient ,punchuality,  and angirachna(decoration) for god(bhagvan) is also thought.

  Some Extra Introduction
Every day small children study for about 9-10 hour a day and more than 25 student do 5-7  samayak a day and 15 -16 students do 20 -21 main sholak in an hour per day.
Every day mini sidhchakra mahapujan and santra puja,8 types of different puja, guru vandan, aarti mangaldeep 2 times a day and jaap sadhna(dhayan).
On  1st and 9th day of sukla and vad paksh in the month students are given practical knowledge for stage program, singing, chamar dance, snake dance  , qawali, and many more program .
Every samayak every  8th and 14th  day of sukla paksh sayam life pratice is thought to the students to experience (sayami) sant life, about 58 students remove   their hair by their own hands. there are  about 17 students in  present  who are going to be sant in few years  and are praying god to get it as early as possible .
Evary day navkarsi (food after 48 minitue from sunrise),  tivihar(only water after sunset ) and chovihar(no food after sunset) chance by chance every day three students do ayambil (meal without oil and spices once a day before sunset )  by their own ekashana (meal once a day before sunset), biyashana ( meal twice a day before sunset).
Every month a fast  (upwas – only water before sunset )for the students who willing to do  on the special day on moon ekadhshi , sidhchakra ji  ooli,  posh dasmi 3 days continous fast (upwas) for the students who willing to do .and also a  fast i.e one upwas nd one biyashana for 13 months and during parva dhi raj paryushan more than 17 students do continous fast for 8 days .

Studies available for students

Main and meaning : two pratikraman, five pratikraman, four prakaran, three bhashiya, six karam granth, shree tatvarthadhigam sutra, vairagyashatak,veetrag stotra, gyansaar, bruhatsangrahani, panchsangrah, laghukshetra samas, bruhatkshetra samas, lokprakash, pravachan saroddhar, dharma sangrah, visheshavashiyak bhashiya etc.

Sanskrut: shree hem sanskrut praveshika 1st 2nd 3rd sanskrut book, gautampoochchha, sulabh charitraani, 24 trithankar charitraani, sulabh kavia praveshika, kalyan mandir, trishshti shlaka prush charitra, upamiti bhav prpnchaa katha, yog shastra, shree hem sabdanushasan Grammer, karam granthadi tika, vanchan raghuvansh,kiratarjuniyam,shishupaalvadh, naishadheeya charitram, kadambari maha kavai, tilak manjari, nyaya bhumika, pramanaiya, tatvalokalankar, nyaya siddhant muktavali etc nyaya studies.

Prakrut : prakrut vigyan pathmala, prakrut viakaran, sirisiriwala kaha, samraichchakaha etc.

General : abhkashya anantkay vichar ,various questions, various stories, Jainism knowledge, dravai sapttika, jin gun padyavali,  chalo mandir jaiye(lets go to temple ), puja sangrah and along with this for extra knowledge astrology, singing, speech,writer, computer, English speaking are thought to the students studying etc.

According to the jain conduct, To the better arrengements of pure and pious meal and for abode a room in grand building are given to the students.
The implements of samayik poushadha such as dress of samayik, asan posture , muh patti, charvala etc, the devices of study such as notebook, books, desks, stationry etcand the Appratus of adornation as veneration dress, veneration box and the requities of limed of god etc facilities are given every student without fee.
The traveling expenses of home transminigration are given them at once time in a year.
Three pair of new dress kurta pyajama in a year and daily uniform are given to every student.
After complete to the practice of study in and years, students are rewarded as scholarship Rs. 2500\- and Rs. 4000\-  respectively and certificate and cause to be given job is endeavour to the passed students.
Some needed articles such as oil, soap and iron ect articles for cleaning the body and clothes are given them free  at of cost.
According to the study monthly scholarship Rs. 25\- to Rs.  500\- have given to every student.
According to asceticism,gratifying Rs. 10\- to Rs. 500\- are given.
Many gifts of Paryushana etc and who students stands first, second, third position in exam, they are honoured specific rewards and prizes.
Free available to the whole facility of Medical treatment.
The requisites of many sports such as cricket, football, bollyball, racket ect are given them.
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